Ken Herrin - Lost and Found Objects
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Over time, every artist will develop a language of their own making; with both a greater structure and phrasing, as well as individual words unique to that language. The structure and phrasing are the larger frameworks of genre and theme wherein we may find the individual words- the recurring and meaningful images- that give the work its poetry.

As every artist has their own language, so every artwork has a story to tell. For myself, when I complete a piece, it is as if I have put the binding on a book and it is now "ex libris" and out of the library of my experience and ready for sharing.

While abstract in overall context, my work references the familiar or contains sufficiently familiar components by which the viewer may enter the piece. I employ found objects and depend on their patina of time and sense of universal experience to center the tale of each piece. It is my goal to strip these objects of sentimentality, thus exposing the archetypal qualities within and then iconify this essence in a reliquary type housing.